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Green Room Exotics

Variegated Monstera adansonii

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Plant conditions 🌱 : We advise letting your plant grow in the original pot for 1 month at least before transplanting. If you repot when you receive the plant, and it gets root rot we cannot be responsible for this.


🌱 Most plants have imperfections or blemishes. Please be aware of any imperfections or flaws before you purchase. Sold as is, no refunds and no exchanges.


🌱 All of our plants are grown in medium/high indirect light. It is never recommended to put your plant in direct sunlight as this can burn the leaves and cause other damage directly to the plant.


🌱 We keep out greenhouses at 60-70% humidity. Unless said otherwise, do not put your plant in too low or high of humidity as this can cause the leaves/roots to rot.


Shipping  🚐 : Shipping can take up to 10 days, and we only ship on Monday or Tuesday. If you order monday your order will go out the following week.


🚐  Please be aware of the weather in your area. We won’t be responsible for weather-related or mishandling of packages. Once the package leaves our hands we have no control of the shipping processes.


🚐  It is possible for leaves to break/brown during shipping. This is not significant damage and will not impact the health of the plant so please understand this before ordering as we cannot replace plants with small amounts of damage. We cannot be responsible for lost packages, so it is highly recommend to double check your shipping address.


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