About Our Company

We are a small nursery located in Atlanta Georgia that mainly sells rare and exotic plants and geckos. We have a variety of aroids and specialize in variegated and mutated plants. 

We started as a small time collector and hobbyist in 2019 but our collection grew extremely fast over the course of 1-2 years, and now we sell hundreds of plants per year. We will start selling super Dalmatian crested geckos towards the end of 2022, and are super excited for our breeding projects. 

We also specialize in tissue culture which was also taken up as a hobby in 2020, but has grown to something unimaginable, where we are able to produce hundreds of plants per month and also offer them at very competitive prices. We produce and multiply our plants in house, and they are not imported unless said otherwise. 

As a fellow hobbyist and collector, we strive to sell healthy and high quality plants, and want to give everyone the option to afford their wishlist plant at some of the lowest prices possible. If you have any questions about products or just the general care of plants, please message us!